New Nightmare silicone mask by WFX



Boxed and ready to ship same day!

This is a professional New Nightmare silicone mask made by WfX. These masks are durable and moves with the actors facial expressions for an ultra realistic look! Each mask is reinforced at all stress areas as the eyes, nose and mouth. Please message me with any questions!

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Top quality mask if you want to see what it actually looks like check out my Tiktok @ the magical holiday Love this mask

That's going to cost me an additional fee for shipping which isn't fare on my end especially if I paid so much money for my item. Please to be on the safe side RESEND me another one so I can view it so I know I would not have a another damaged product. First you kind sir resend me another then I would be kindly to resend my damaged one. Don't want to keep spending money when I shouldn't have to especially if I already spent a GREAT DEAL of it and not be satisfied with what I received.