WFX Freddy Inferno Krueger Pt4, 2.0 Silicone Mask



This is a professional, Inferno Pt.4 V3 silicone mask made by WfX. These masks are durable and moves with the actors facial expressions for an ultra realistic look! Each mask is reinforced at all stress areas as the eyes, nose and mouth. Please message me with any questions!

Reviews (4)


This mask is amazing very heavy, but I definitely feel like I am Freddy Krueger When I have this mask on definitely would buy again, great quality

This mask is legit. Better than i really expected. Very good craftsmanship and shooed super fast. Highly recommend doing business here.

Absolutely the best I have seen. Wonderful quality and seller is top knotch.

Wow. WOW. It's got some weight but comfortable to wear. Nice interior, eyes lined up almost perfectly out of the box. Lips landed just right. Upper lip is a little stiff, but the jaw moves fluidly. This is amazing and drop dead gorgeous. I cannot wait to terrorize a new generation of children and renew old memories in their parents.