WFX Freddy Inferno Krueger Part 4 Silicone Mask.



Boxed and ready to ship same day!

This is a professional, Freddy Part 4 silicone mask made by WfX. These masks are durable and moves with the actors facial expressions for an ultra realistic look! Each mask is reinforced at all stress areas as the eyes, nose and mouth. Please message me with any questions!

To pay using BTC send to the following address:

This is my second mask from WFX. As you can see on my reviews I purchased TWO masks recently. I have to say, this mask the part 4, first came defective. It had holes in it and was missing some parts of the mesh inside. I reached out through etsy. No response. Sent an email, no response. I had to google this guys phone number. I sent an imessage. He quickly responded saying he was sorry and to send him the mask and he would immediately ship me a replacement. Cool right? I take it to work, pay to ship it fast. Now being that he was using imessage I sent several unanswered messages on different days, still not shipped. Frustrating knowing they were delivered yet no response. $850 i spent from him. Guy Makes great mask but BE WARNED. He does not communicate , he did make it right but be warned.

Looks exactly like the picture such am awesome mask

Quick shipment and Fits like a dream. Will def buy from again!

Brilliant mask, I love it, great work. The thing I wanted to expect from the seller was to be a seller that communication is a must do. 6 messages I sent and not one message was answered. It say he reply’s back within 24 hour ? 20 days and not heard from him. Maybe had a lot on ?? I don’t know, but again great mask

Great price. Great Quality. Looks amazing. Will definitely buy from again.