WFX Freddy Inferno Krueger Part 4 Silicone Mask.



Boxed and ready to ship same day!

This is a professional, Freddy Part 4 silicone mask made by WfX. These masks are durable and moves with the actors facial expressions for an ultra realistic look! Each mask is reinforced at all stress areas as the eyes, nose and mouth. Please message me with any questions!

To pay using BTC send to the following address:

Mask is awesome looks super realistic

Absolutely amazing. I was nervous about spending so much money on a mask but I think it was worth it. The detail is ridiculous and even though it’s pretty heavy, it’s not uncomfortable to wear. The back of the head is thinner than the rest of it so I’m worried about it tearing but other than that, I think the mask is perfect.

Blew my mind I’m super happy with it!