Inferno VS silicone mask by WFX



Boxed and ready to ship same day!

This is a professional, Freddy VS silicone mask made by WfX. These masks are durable and moves with the actors facial expressions for an ultra realistic look! Each mask is reinforced at all stress areas as the eyes, nose and mouth. Please message me with any questions!

Reviews (9)


Sir.i am going to send this back and would like a new is awesome,other then the fact that the layers are very thin under the the jaw,neck and back of head. Was SUPER CAREFUL. the mask ripped in several places. (Said places). 20 yr self life doesn't matter if it is too thin in parts. It was well worth the money until those flaws.please allow me to return for a new.

Very nice mask. Only small spot of random green pain on the very back. Needed advice on how to make the nose fit better but seller never responded. Will prob order again to get the part 4 mask. Fast shipping. Very screen accurate to the freddy vs jason movie

I can't wait till the next Halloween. This mask is awesome!!!

Awesome mask it looks so real!!

Mask is amazing. It was hardvto spend the money but totally worth it